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Continuing the approach of CNS 5126, this course provides students with an in-depth exposure to participatory action research methods. In urban centers around the world, street art has become an unavoidable element of the landscape. Students learn what emotions are and how they arise physiologically, experientially, and behaviorally. What paths lie ahead for religion and spirituality in the 21st Century? The current Consciousness and Transformative Studies curriculum draws on three traditional academic disciplines: philosophy, psychology and religious studies. Doctorate Degrees Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: Doctor Completion Program (DACMCP) Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: First Professional Doctorate (DACM) For millennia, spiritual and psychological thinkers have sought to discern, understand, and follow their inner guidance and help others do so. It will also go into the details of psychedelic sciences, therapeutic processes unique to . This course explores the links between creativity and transformation at both the individual and collective levels. By submitting my information, I acknowledge that I have read and reviewed the Student Code of Conduct located in the Catalog. Students apply these principles and practices to a selected area of interest (ecology, psychological development, community/cultural development, education, business or spiritual leadership, etc). Many disciplines, professions, and jobs require disclosure of an individuals criminal history, and a variety of states require background checks to apply to, or be eligible for, certain certificates, registrations, and licenses. Future researchers will be greatly assisted by Smith's (2011) comprehensive review of the theory of health as expanding consciousness research literature. Shamanic traditions and practices, as an expression of the human relationship with self, community and the earth, are integral to the human story, yet sorely missing in modern culture. By submitting this form, I confirm that the information provided on this form is accurate and complete and I agree to receive email communications, phone calls, and SMS/Text Messages about Educational opportunities from National University System and/or its affiliates. What is consciousness and transformative studies? Please review ourprivacy policyor contact us for more details Master of Arts- Consciousness and Transformative Studies student-Emphasis in Healing and Transformational Leadership . Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies, CNS 5010 Paradigms of Consciousness 3.00, CNS 5015Body Consciousness/Body Wisdom 2.00, CNS 5017Human Development & Consciousness 2.00, CNS 5025Cosmology & Consciousness 3.00, CNS 5027Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness 2.00, CNS 5030Consciousness of Sleep & Dream 2.00, CNS 5048Spiral Dynamics & Social Change 1.00, CNS 5120Diversity, Community, Leadership 3.00, CNS 5275Living Systems & Creative Potential 2.00, CNS 5613Consciousness Studies Integration 1.00, CNS 5018 Enneagram Personality Typology 2.00, CNS 5037 Neuroscience and Mindfulness 2.00, CNS 5039 Consciousness & Pop Culture 1.00, CNS 5041Ancestral Consciousness and Healing 2.00, CNS 5046Creativity & Transformation 2.00, CNS 5230Metaphors & Symbols of Transformation 2.00, CNS 5280Dreams, Archetypes and Personal Mythology 2.00, CNS 5286World Spirituality, Evolving 2.00, CNS 5347 Spirituality, Symbols & Dreams 2.00, CNS 5348Psycho-Spiritual Development and Integral Meditation 1.00, CNS 5520Sexuality & Consciousness 1.00, CNS 5620Issues in Consciousness Studies 3.00, CNS 5455 Professional Identity & Life Purpose 3.00, CNS 5405 Transformational Leadership 2.00, CNS 5410 Presentation & Facilitation 2.00, CNS 5411 Creating/Conducting a Workshop 2.00, CNS 5465Starting Your Own Business 2.00, CNS 5616Self-Marketing: Publishing & Traditional Media 1.00, CNS 5617Self-Marketing: Social Media 1.00, CNS 5670Advanced Writing & Publishing 2.00. If you are interested in our certificates programs, please check out this page for the Public Program certificates and this page for the Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research. Course topics include: development of capacities such as a high level of self-awareness, deep listening personal accountability, integrity and emotional intelligence; challenging the status quo; encouraging creativity; fostering diversity, inclusion and supportive relationships; articulating a clear vision; managing conflict and motivating others to achieve their unique leadership potential; application of systems thinking/theory; creating vision and courage to implement change; embodiment of Wisdom and Compassion in Action, and strategies for actualizing and manifesting personal and professional intentions and goals. This class allows students to discover, tell and write their personal life stories. The program is also aligned with NUs intention to provide an education that empowers you to make a difference in your life, your familys lives, and your community. The 9 personality types, along with each types associated strength and stress types, offer a map for personal growth and understanding the differences of others. Since 1971, our mission has been to provide accessible, achievable higher education to adult learners. Graduates of the Program go on to work in a range of fields where their new skills allow them to effectively guide individuals, organizations, and even entire communities through transformational change. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. Updated daily. Emerging from multiple soul- encounters, students uncover a picture of their optimum work life: where they know their unique gifts and how (and where) to deliver them, for whom they are meant for, and a strong business plan that allows for success in both the survival dance of making a living and the sacred dance of embracing ones true purpose. Thats why our dedicated admissions team is here to guide you through the admissions process and help you find the right program for you and your career goals. This course examines perennial spiritual themes that appear in our dreams, such as: the presence of the numinous or the sacred; experiences of the religious emotions; the dynamics of fragmentation and oneness, healing and balance in the psyche; the developmental and transformative role of dreams; dreams of fate, purpose and destiny; dreams of life and death; earth and nature dreams; cosmic dreams; and dreams and the subtle body. Society today is shaped by past paradigms of consciousness as well as those which are newly emerging. The focus of this course will be on understanding the coaching process and developing basic coaching competencies. I also understand that certain degree programs may not be available in all states. Ancestral stories, family traditions, and the great teaching stories from our cultures shape us and condition our perceptions of self and world. This program is the first accredited Masters in Consciousness Studies in the U.S. This perspective changed the role of teachers, students, and classrooms. Youll also have the opportunity to customize your knowledge and expertise by choosing from a variety of specializations: Life Coaching, Transformational Leadership, Consciousness and Healing, Engaged Spirituality, and Dream Studies. This involves skillfully managing the natural ongoing process of self-disclosure, being mindful of how groups develop over time, learning basic skills of Non-Violent Communication, and giving and receiving feedback in emotionally healthy ways. Students examine symbols and metaphors of transformation experienced by mystics and spiritual practitioners across time, cultures, and religious traditions. Focus your studies on challenging issues, such as: The nature of consciousness Cosmology is the study of the origin, structure, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe. Important: the above uniRank Tuition Range Matrix does not include room, board or other external costs; tuition may vary by areas of study, degree level, student nationality or residence and other criteria. TP5110 Science and Spirituality. Even more, I am educated, licensed, experienced, and certified. Students explore diversity, community development, leadership skills and professional development possibilities for expressing their highest and deepest values as agents of transformative change in their personal lives, families, and communities. By submitting your information to National University as my electronic signature and submitting this form by clicking the Request Info button above, I provide my express written consent to representatives of National University and National University System affiliates (City University of Seattle and Northcentral University) to contact me about educational opportunities, and to send phone calls, and/or SMS/Text Messages using automated technology, including automatic dialing system and pre-recorded and artificial voice messages to the phone numbers (including cellular) and e-mail address(es) I have provided. NFTs Simplified > Uncategorized > master of arts in consciousness and transformative studies jobs. A variety of movement practices promote creativity and self- expression, supporting the development of emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication. Studentsmay transfer directly by contacting another university individually, or they may transfer through an articulation agreement established between JFKU and the articulating university. The course focuses on the states of consciousness within sleep and different phenomena of the dreaming mind. Explores the relationship between sexual experience and consciousness. Share your vision, knowledge, and wisdom by getting published. Seeking to look beyond the value of street art as a tourism product, by combining . What can I do with a Degree in Transformational Studies? Students will complete a spiritual intelligence inventory and identify specific skills as areas for personal growth. This 1-unit course explores transpersonal, psychological, and somatic perspectives and practices for activating, testing, and living this inner guidance and helping others do the same. Attention is given to creating group cultures that are holistic: body, mind, emotion, soul, and spirit. Students will be encouraged to think critically about these psychological theories, to test them in connection with their own dreams, and to seek new creative integrations with the dream theories of other cultures and traditions, including indigenous approaches to dreams. They also complete a literature review focused on their topic and project. Students examine recent scientific research in sleep and dreams and explore different phenomena of the dreaming mind. This course introduces the basic principles of Living Systems Theory using theoretical and experiential components. master of arts in consciousness and transformative studies jobs . The MA in Consciousness and Transformative Studies program has been relocated to JFK School of Psychology at NU. Topics include models of consciousness, the relationship of Self/self, and the potential of integral psychology to deepen our understanding of and help bring about personal psycho-spiritual development as well as social/global change. Students are expected to engage with dreams as a spiritual practice and the subjective states that arise through dreaming throughout the course. California Online Masters Programs - Details #1 California State University #2 University of Southern California #3 California Coast University #4 California State University-Northridge #5 Biola University #6 William Jessup University #7 University of La Verne #8 Concordia University-Irvine #9 California Baptist University #10 Prospective students are also advised to regularly review the states/countrys policies and procedures relating to certification/licensure, as those policies are subject to change. In Professional Project A students conduct preliminary reflection and research to clarify their career field(s), mission(s), vision(s), and values. San Diego, CA 92103 (University Heights area) $62,878 - $133,086 a year. Students finishing after this date may have an option of receiving either a JFKU degree or an NU degree; these details are still under consideration. If a student wishes to transition outside the National University system, articulation agreements are being developed at the following universities: Acknowledging that the journey of identifying our authentic purpose would not be complete without the practical skills necessary to make that vision a reality, our program devotes a portion of required coursework to professional development topics such as writing, teaching, publishing, entrepreneurship, and coaching. Homosociality and civic (dis)order in late medieval Italian confraternities Jennifer Fisk Rondeau 3. THOMAS A. EDISON Contents Title Page Dedication Epigraph Introduction I. She is the executive director of and the author and editor of many books on critical pedagogy, youth . The Coach Training Program is embedded within the Consciousness & Transformative Studies MA degree and is designed to provide a professional pathway into the coaching field. Dr. Kenny completed her PhD in counseling and school psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. This course introduces new students to the Consciousness and Transformative Studies program. The course also explores basic elements of Ken Wilbers integral theory, including the four quadrants, the difference between states and stages, and premodern, modern, and postmodern altitudes. veterinarias abiertas hoy domingo; cro asx review; taxable income examples; new albany high school baseball coach; southwest airlines pilot bidding; Through readings, class discussion, and personal research, students learn how to access and reclaim the strengths and wisdom within ones ancestral heritage. Consciousness Studies is an interdisciplinary field that combines psychology, religion/spirituality, philosophy, and the new sciences. You can find the job advertisement suitable for your career plan by selecting the sector you are looking for easily. As a graduate of National University's Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies program, you'll gain knowledge, skills, and capacities in the following areas: Explain and apply a developmental view of consciousness and human evolution to oneself, others, and systems. Students learn powerful insights and practices that enhance a persons quality of living by cultivating empathy, compassion, love, hope, forgiveness, gratitude, creativity, kindness, generosity, and resilience. Summary. Today the Enneagram is a popular coaching and leadership tool for interpersonal and team work. Course topics include shamanic world-views, shamanism as a healing modality, and the role of shamans in indigenous and Western cultures. In this view, experience is as fundamental a feature of the universe as is space, time, energy, and matter. Students learn to create, grow, and sustain a group so that its unfolding process is built on safety. Copyright 2023 National University. Delve deeper into your own consciousness and gain the knowledge to help transform self and world with a Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. Transformative education in consciousness, transpersonal and spiritual psychology Master's programme Masters of Science - MSc - programme that can be completed in three years - global and online PhD programme Become a PhD student through Alef Trust - global and online. Delivery Locations. JFKUs WASC accreditation, which is in good standing, provides protections for students; and National University is similarly a WASC-accredited institution. by Dreaming_Magpie. Why Earn a Masters in Consciousness and Transformative Studies at NU? Our admissions team reviews applications year-round. Discover what is needed to develop an effective and trusted coaching relationship that creates meaningful and sustainable change. San Diego Unified School District 4.3. This course imparts a meta- perspective on human development and on the evolution of human consciousness. Cosmology is the study of the origin, structure, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe. Students examine diverse theories and concepts of the structures and states of consciousness and the processes that may lead to awakening, enlightenment, and unity consciousness. School year 2014 Master of Arts, Consciousness and Transformative Studies Studied Research, Writing, Social Change at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) School year 2013 Drawing from psychology, philosophy, religion, and the new sciences, consciousness studies bridges the divide between science and spirituality to empower transformative leaders. As Sandor Ferenczi, Hungarian psychiatrist and friend of Freud and Jung, said, Dreams are the workshop of evolution. This course allows participants to share and explore their own dream memories, using group projective methods, (in my imagined version of this dream), with particular attention to the underlying themes and recurring motifs embedded in these narratives. With this knowledge, you can pursue opportunities across a broad spectrum of occupations, including coaching, consulting, teaching, group facilitation, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship. These practical skills aid students in translating their degree into a professional context. Students apply a developmental view of consciousness to their own and others non-ordinary experiences by learning how to integrate such experiences into their daily lives. The pilgrimage was an embodied, sociocultural spatial immersion in the Raja Yogic tradition which led to the development of Yogic Peace Education: Theory and Practice, a pedagogic framework and . The neurophysiology associated with these states of consciousness is addressed. In this course, we examine the gifts, patterns and breaking points in our ancestral heritagethe places where our ancestors thrived with and/or suffered a loss of connection to place, community, language, ritual, traditions, and spirituality. Explores the role of mindfulness in enhancing sexual health and wellbeing, with space made for approaching sexual trauma with care, and exploring how healing trauma can facilitate a greater flow of sexual energy. Faculty and administrative positions at colleges and universities. This course introduces the history and contemporary study of the great variety of non-ordinary states of consciousness that humans experience. The program is designed not only to galvanize wisdom, courage, love, joy, and vitality, but also to enrich ones sense of meaning, passion, and purpose. The course emphasizes insights and applications for improving and deepening relationships with oneself and others. Step one: Gather the documents and information you need to apply, including your Social Security number and bank account direct deposit information. By a process of intensive self-reflection and extensive career research, students create a transformative career plan as well as a specific work project to support the plan. If youve ever caught yourself wondering what your purpose in life is, a degree in transformative studies might just set you on a path to personal discovery and professional fulfillment. Society today is shaped by past paradigms of consciousness as well as those which are newly emerging. #youthcultureca Shirley R. Steinberg is Research Professor in Leadership at the University of Calgary and former Director of the Institute of Youth and Community Research at the University of the West of Scotland.